Vision & Mission

We will tell you who we are


By 2020,our organization should be a pioneer in the field of Skills For All producing stimulate the creation of world-class knowledge resources, services, and systems .Special attention will be on developing manpower (collegial team) through our organization and to achieve this our organization will collaborate with eminent and distinguished personalities / institutions . To improve the Quality of Life through creative people from diverse walks of life ( Diversity as an asset ) , providing best infrastructure for Research ( Catalyst for Change), form, select a team of Passionate, dedicated persons ( Perform with Passion ), devoted ( A will and a way) to the community, and manage, and provide sound financial resources ( Efficiency, cost-effective). These are the ingredient of success to attain the top position in of the world and work as a charm for those who will associate with us on long term basis (Everybody Wins).And finally leading with Trust is the Mantra to win the heart of everyone.


To Skills such products and services as can be used with equal ease and comfort by the young, old, able bodied and disabled and which will have good value, reasonable -cost, be environment friendly ... to offer consistent and reliable products and services which our organization can produce in a scientific way. Firstly, our emphasis will be on promoting and in establishing the concepts of Skills For All in Asia .It will motivate policy makers by its activities for adopting the wider concepts of users in help in increasing profitability as well as growth. Secondly, our efforts will be focused on creating required man power for meeting future demand through Education, Training, Workshops and Seminars. It will help in changing the traditional mindset to Skills For All. Thirdly, our efforts will aim at popularizing and positioning these products and services in the market them and making them commercially viable, and profitable. Fourthly, for the future our efforts would be directed at in establishing a state- of – skill institute in India for Research and Development, Consultancy with the cooperation of other agencies worldwide which are striving to achieve the aims and objects of our organization for Skills For All. Above all making these products accessible to all so that in due course of time they should accepted as norms and standards by those who are engage in Skills for All.

  1. Providing access to high-quality skill education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.
  2. We work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. We help grow strong markets that create income, jobs and wealth in poor communities.
  3. Providing opportunity to business at one’s own pace and convenience.
  4. Individuals who wish to pursue learning for knowledge sake
  5. Creating a better future for families in the developing India.
  6. To conduct, undertake the organization of and participate in regional, national and international conferences and exhibitions or any other programmes or activities.
  7. We are dedicated to truly providing a "better business experience" for our members.
  8. Global Knowledge driven economy demands skilled and knowledgeable human resources for enterprises across all business domains. As the nations are in need of skilled manpower in the coming years, it is important for us to focus to create a holistic knowledge and skill ecosystem that is inclusive and market driven and dynamic. AITO Knowledge and Skills was born to fulfill the aspirations of youth and fill in the gap in the knowledge ecosystem.
  9. To Achieve economy and excellence in education and business
  10. To provide professional literacy and other social activities by awareness program in the form of seminars and camps
  11. To do other things, acts, activities, which may be necessary and incidentally conductive to the attainment of objective of the society
  12. To interface with leading institutions for knowledge sharing and engaging in research and dissemination of related knowledge for the development and also in making it available for the benefit of society
  13. Our Motto that has established our presence across various industries is -“Empowering Business with Innovation and Technology” - “Our success lies in our member’s success”
  14. We collaborate with our members, being open to all ideas, consistently helping them achieve their business and company initiatives, sharing our member’s passion for their business by taking time to understand the challenges and opportunities involved.
  15. Innovate with our members to provide creative solutions to meet their unique challenges strengthen partnerships and retain customers.
  16. Excel with our members to consistently create value, by providing solutions to achieve fineness and sustainable competitive edge.
  17. Our values, strengths and our delivery model have always made us the number one choice for fortune no of companies.



We will be pioneer in Skills For All to whom Manufactures, Skill Users and allied area(s), and above all the different government will trust and seek our suggestions on this topic for introducing any policy related with Skills For All.



  1. Promote co-operation with Governmental and non-Governmental agencies, sister organizations and other development agencies for economic development.
  2. Promote competitiveness and globalization of Indian industries.
  3. Identify and address special needs of large scale, medium scale and small scale industries.
  4. Submit specific plans and proposals for consideration of the Government and all those concerned with economic and industrial growth.
  5. Create awareness and provide extensive support for speedy qualitative
  6. Growth of industry, environment and consumer protection.
  7. Act as a catalyst in bringing about growth and development of industry and business.
  8. Act as a clearing house of information on the issues and events affecting industry and the entrepreneurs.



  1. To prepare the people for the knowledge-based economy and society
  2. To champion the cause of life-long learning
  3. To stimulate the creation of world-class knowledge resources
  4. To provide universal access to them through IT Fosters creativity
  5. Develops new competencies and skills
  6. Boosts employability
  7. Nurtures new value system appropriate to Indian culture
  8. Creates relevance and development orientation
  9. Achieves economy and excellence in education
  10. Avoids the Digital Divide